Parkside Changes Lives by Keeping JESUS the Main Thing

Parkside Senior Adult Ministry involves older adults in ministering to others, making disciples and growing believers.

Our purpose is to develop as disciples of Jesus Christ while connecting senior adults with the ministry of Parkside Church.

Our Mission

Deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ. Reach out and disciple the lost. Mentor younger believers in Christ. Share love through fellowship activities

Parkside Church
Senior Adult Ministries

Serving Christ with the experience and wisdom He has granted across 55 plus years of living as His disciples, placing senior adults together with the needs of the body of the Lord for ministry.

Senior Servant Saints

Being a “senior serving saint” simply means you have entered a new and wonderful phase of life with different opportunities. Retirement years can be among the most fruitful of your Life for Christ, if you will make them so for The Lord. There are now ways you can serve The Lord more. Invest these years with the joy of the Lord and thank Him that He has given you a special opportunity to serve Him in new ways now.

Upcoming Activities 2019/2020

October 17th

Mexican Dinner
Pastor Dan Elliott Testimony

November 21st

Turkey Dinner
Testimony (TBD)
Music by the WayFaring Strangers

December 19th

Ham Dinner & Roles
My Story and Christmas Music
Dorothy Stafford

January 16th

Dinner Out (TBD)
Testimony (TBD
White Elephant Regifting

February 20th

Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes
Testimony (TBD)

March 19th

12:30pm - Dinner Out
Ninja Sushi & Teriyaki
238 Vernon St. Roseville, CA 95678
2:00pm Program: The Strum Shop
209 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678
Irish Christian Fiddle & Pipe
Songs - Moly Carlson

So Your Hair Is Gray and You Are Over 55, So What!

Dear Senior Saint

Our ongoing call as mature members of the local Christian community is to maintain Christ’s call upon our lives and serve as His disciples.  I want to encourage you to reflect upon all for which you are thankful. What blessings have you experienced throughout your life of walking with Christ. Perhaps you only recently came to Christ, even though your hair is graying. Doubtless you have begun to experience blessings that you could never before imagine—especially that of complete forgiveness for sins and deliverance from the sin-nature. Whether you are a long-standing disciple of Christ or having only recently met Him in your lifetime, you have yet learned many lessons from life that others might profit from.

Have you considered sharing your faith with others? Have you considered inviting others to come with you to Parkside to experience the community of enthusiastic, Christ-centered, loving people here?

Senior Adult Ministries exists to support, encourage, and equip you who are 55 years plus in living out your call to discipleship. The fellowship activities each month are intended as tools for you to use in reaching out to others who need Christ’s love. Your leadership team has been working hard to make these luncheons and activities interesting and uplifting. Recently we have extended our planned events through May of 2019 (our schedule is above this text, on this page).

But there is more to being Christ’s disciple than simply meeting together with other disciples. The Apostle John wrote to the early church across the known world “Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the father in you. . . .anyone who does what pleases God will live forever” (1 John 2:15-16). He was discussing how we are called to stop living to please ourselves and to live in ways pleasing to God, through the power given to us by Christ’s Holy Spirit. John encouraged Christ’s disciples to “remain faithful (1 John 2:24) across the years left for us in life to serve The Lord. This also reminds us of the very words of Jesus Christ who said: “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me (Matt. 12:30).

Should we be asking ourselves in these latter days of our lives, “for whom are we living—Jesus, or ourselves? “

Your servant in the Lord’s Love

Rev. Daniel C. Elliott, Ed.D.
Parkside Church
Auburn, CA.
Cell- (818) 321-5014

Parkside Sr Adults
The Strum Shop in Roseville
Bluegrass Gospel Concert
Thursday April 18


Contacts for Home and Hospital Visitation

  • Joyce Emerson: (530) 885-4338
  • Pastor Dan Elliott: (818) 321-5014 or (530) 823-9911

Contacts for Taking the Gospel into All the World

  • Tom Huff (Men’s Ministry, Gideons)
  • Pastor Dan Elliott (Relationship Evangelism) (818) 321-5014 or (530) 823-9911

Contacts for Mentoring the Next Generations

  • Pastor Michele Dickerson
  • Pastor Dan Elliott
  • Ian Richmond (Children)
  • Pastor Clay Rojas (Youth)

Contact for Short Term Missions

  • Pastor Dan Elliott: (818) 321-5014 or (530) 823-9911


  • Pastor Dan Elliott – Cell (818) 321-5014 or Home (530) 367-7789
  • Joyce Emerson – Home (530) 885-4338
  • Committee Members: Connie Dillella, Diana Bradshaw, Delores Trussell, Mitzy Groghan
  • Parkside Office Manager: Liz Simone (530) 823-9911

Prayerfully consider these options:

  • Become an active prayer warrior.
  • Mentor a younger believer.
  • Call, visit, and pray with another at home or in the hospital.
  • Bring food as a part of “Fishes and Loaves.”
  • Be a part of the church-wide network for prayer and intercede for needs in the Body of Christ
  • Learn to be a discipler, sharing Christ with those who do not know Him yet.
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