Parkside Church

Parkside Plus Outreach

Serving Christ with the experience and wisdom He has granted across 55 plus years of living as His disciples, placing senior adults together with the needs of the body of the Lord for ministry.

Who are We?

We are adults, 55 years of age and older who seek to walk more closely with our Lord Jesus Christ than in any part of our earlier years. We meet for fun, fellowship, and mutual encouragement as fellow disciples of Christ. We meet each quarter, on the thrid Thursday of the month at 11:30am. Our meetings are either at a restaurant (to be announced) or in the Parkside Church Fellowship Hall. Usually there is a pot-luck meal (except when at restaurants of course), a fun drawing, and a special interest program.

Senior Servant Saints

Being a “senior serving saint” simply means you have entered a new and wonderful phase of life with different opportunities. Retirement years can be among the most fruitful of your Life for Christ, if you will make them so for The Lord. There are now ways you can serve The Lord more. Invest these years with the joy of the Lord and thank Him that He has given you a special opportunity to serve Him in new ways now.

Prayerfully consider these options:

  • Become an active prayer warrior
  • Mentor a younger believer
    Call, visit, and pray with another at home or in the hospital.
  • Bring food as a part of “Fishes and Loaves.”
  • Be a part of the church-wide network for prayer and intercede for needs in the Body of Christ
  • Learn to be a discipler, sharing Christ with those who do not know Him yet.


  • Pastor Dan Elliott
    Cell (818) 321-5014 or Home (530) 367-7789
  • Joyce Emerson
    Home (530) 885-4338
  • Committee Members: Connie Dillella, Diana Bradshaw, Delores Trussell, Mitzy Groghan
  • Parkside Office Manager Cheryl Krauss (530) 823-9911

Contacts for Home and Hospital Visitation

  • Joyce Emerson: (530) 885-4338
  • Pastor Dan Elliott: (818) 321-5014 or (530) 823-9911

Contacts for Taking the Gospel into All the World

  • Tom Huff (Men’s Ministry, Gideons)
  • Pastor Dan Elliott (Relationship Evangelism) (818) 321-5014 or (530) 823-9911

Contacts for Mentoring the Next Generations

  • Pastor Michele Dickerson
  • Pastor Dan Elliott
  • Pastor Katlynn Chambless (Children)
  • Pastor Clay Rojas (Youth)

Contacts for Short Term Missions

  • Pastor Dan Elliott: (818) 321-5014 or (530) 823-9911
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